Healthcare Value Solutions for Providers, Health Plans & Employers

Providers and Health Systems: Because we’ve been in your place we understand. Our experience in health provider systems, group practice and hospitals means we not only know what you’re facing, we know how you’re being evaluated by key stakeholders. We work with you to understand your needs and deliver customer solutions that align with those needs and your capabilities and competencies.

Health Plans: Managing risk while managing share of market can create an almost un-tenable tug-o-war. It doesn’t have to be that way. We work with you to identify market segments and strategies to get real results.

Employers: Healthcare services & health benefits are vitally important for attracting and retaining talent but those services
are increasingly expensive. We offer you consultative advice and broker services as a licensed insurance agency and
strategic planning consultants. Services include:
• Consulting for Workplace Talent Development,
• Leadership Development & Mentoring, Team Building and Employee Development Coaching
• Health Benefits Review and Consultation,
• Courses for Employees on ACA Insurance and Medicare Options,
• Support for Human Resources Departments on benefits planning and retiree planning for employees nearing Medicare
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As a licensed insurance broker, we consult on design and advise on health insurance options

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